Whiskey Warehouse Series Race #2 Results

January 27, 2018 24 Pilots Results: Position Pilot Points 1 Nomad 20 2 Deluxe312 17 3 Gyune 15 4 JUSTspIN 13 5 pizzy 12 6 BoomerangFPV 11 7 KeleFPV 10 8 TimJC 9 9 action 8 10 JayTeeBee 7 11 DooWop 6 12 BigNasty 5 13 Pyroman4 1 14 bigemike 1 15 DaytonDrones 1 16 […]

First race of the season completed!

It was an awesome day with 43 pilots which is more than we have ever had before. Thanks to Short Crayon Productions  and Winder Wonder Works Swirlie frame kit that was given as a prize 1st place in the pro class was Paul “Bulbufet” Nurkkala 2nd Place goes to Adam “HyphPV” Kobitz, I am told […]

FPVChat on Slack

I just want to take a minute to make all of you aware of FPV chat on Slack that some of us use. You can join by going to http://fpv-chat.com and entering your email address to have it send you an invite, you can use it via web browser, PC client or one of the […]

FPV Drone Racing Podcasts

If you are anything like me, you probably find times in your daily life that are mysteriously devoid of FPV content.  For me, the FPV hole was my daily commute, and the answer was FPV podcasts. As the hobby/sport of FPV racing has matured, so has the variety of content available to us.  There are a […]

Mega Drone X is happening again!

Frank Mattingly has announced on Facebook that Mega Drone X version 2 is going to happen. From Frank’s Post “Cats kinda out of the bag now so keep your calenders open the first weekend of November. I cant give the full details yet but I can say Mega Drone X 2.0 is 100% happening. It […]