Beginners Tips – The responses below are from a pilot survey that was sent to members of the Cincinnati Quad Racers Facebook group.  Thanks to everyone who responded.

Beginners Tips – What advice would you give to someone starting out in multi-rotors?

Just jump right in. Don’t bother with a brushed motor quadcopter.
– Caleb Aho, AKA Tolip guy

Buy quality, non-proprietary quads and parts.
– John Sabol, AKA Zoomie517

Spend time in a simulator at first, and spend some money on your first build, it will be more reliable and robust. And find someone who is experienced in the hobby to help you out at first, you’ll learn a lot faster
– Andrew Wiebold, AKA SavageFPV

Get a Race band VTX (40+Channels).
– Benjamin, AKA MartyMunch

Get a decent transmitter and cheap 3s quads with a buzzer on them.
– Chris Grenner, AKA Dirtyoldman

Try the simulators first.
– Nathan St.John, AKA Twitch

Avoid both cheap and over-hyped, expensive gear. Get something that is durable, that is easy to build and repair, but also protects your gear
– Chris DiPietro, AKA Zan

Ask people online, find others locally, YouTube your ass off 🙂
– Don Betz, AKA db

Buy a good radio and goggles and a couple of cheap quads to beat up, your radio and goggles will last.  Don’t give up, its not easy.
– Michael Huddleson, AKA bigemike

Start out slow, buy lots of spare parts, and don’t be afraid to wreck. Everyone crashes.
– Kraig Hennessey, AKA Doo Wop

Try before you buy
– Cameron Fiorini, AKA Relay

Be prepared to crash. It’s gonna happen alot!!!
– Brian Chaney, AKA Jeater_Green

Buy an inductrix and learn line of sight
– Jesse swinson, AKA Nomad

Simulator!!! Do it!!!
– Andrew, AKA Narb

Start on a simulator first, don’t buy the latest stuff, fly and have fun.
– Jeff Winder, AKA KB8VCO

Pair up with someone locally who has a reliable rig and learn from them. Don’t always assume throwing money at your problems will fix the issue, and most importantly, get a decent soldering iron and get good at it.
– Christopher Greer, AKA GR33R

Practice, practice, practice but first just jump off the board and build a quad.
– Anthony Dallalio, AKA Doc

Learn on the simulator first to get the basic hang of it.
– Brad Whitmore, AKA Pollo Loco

Get as much advice as possible.
– John Cawley, AKA JSizzle

Learn how to tune your quad in the different GUI’s
– Dustin Heyman, AKA Chefflyer

Research. Purchase small at 1st to see if it fits you. Fly LOS 1st and learn it then go FPV
– Clayton Baker, AKA Pepe LePew

Buy a good radio, such as the Taranis and learn to fly in Velocidrome, the simulator.
– Mike Welch, AKA MikeWelchDotCom