CQR held its 6th race of the 2017 season on 7-9-17.  The weather was great having very little wind however, the temps did rise to the point where most pilots huddled under their popups or within the pilot’s tent. The Pro class housed 25 pilots with the Novice class coming in at 6.

CQR entertained the use of a TBS lap timer system provided by the Hawks RC club to show pilots their times as well as help tutor CQR for a possible future purchase of a lap timer for their own events.

By the end of the day 3 pilots in each class came out victorious.

In the Pro Class…

1st place went to Cameron “Relay FPV” Fiorini

2nd place went to Jake “Jawz” Schneider

3rd place went to Jesse “Nomad” Swinson


In the Novice Class…

1st place went to Adam “DoctorGonzo” Burns

2nd place went to Matt “TheNewGuy” Gethers

3rd place went to David “TagemnBagem” Taggart