Beginners Tips – The responses below are from a pilot survey that was sent to members of the Cincinnati Quad Racers Facebook group.  Thanks to everyone who responded.

Beginners Tips – What was the hardest thing for you when learning to fly FPV?

Making small stick motions not going all the way.
– Caleb Aho, AKA Tolip guy

The jump from Level to Acro.
– John Sabol, AKA Zoomie517

Spacial awareness and how not to smack into the ground.
– Andrew Wiebold, AKA SavageFPV

Getting over motion sickness.
– Benjamin, AKA MartyMunch

Losing my newly built $450 quad.  Ouch!
– Chris Grenner, AKA Dirtyoldman

Throttle control
– Nathan St.John, AKA Twitch

Realizing how hard to really was to fly
– Adam Janowski, AKA Dirty Dan

Keeping it under control on the race track. It is easy to fly around in a field, but staying on a path with gates is difficult
– Chris DiPietro, AKA Zan

Getting used to the “objects in your screen are closer than they appear” the whole wide angle view thing.
– Don Betz, AKA db

To slow down to go fast on a course
– michael huddleson, AKA bigemike

Back when I started the hardest thing was the lack of information. Hours of sifting through forums. Quite a bit easier to get what you need to know these days through YouTube and other experienced pilots.
– Kraig Hennessey, AKA Doo Wop

PID Tuning
– Cameron Fiorini, AKA Relay

Learning to fly without stability control. Along with controlling vs reacting
– Brian Chaney, AKA Jeater_Green

Altitude control
– Jesse swinson, AKA Nomad

When I’m flying a maneuver where I lose all horizon in my camera I tend to freak out a little.
– Andrew, AKA Narb

The beginning.. was so out of body experience for me until it ‘Clicked’.. 🙂
– Jeff Winder, AKA KB8VCO

What knowledge content was the newest. I spent the first year building garbage because I was watching 3 year old YouTube videos…
– Christopher Greer, AKA GR33R

All the parts you need.
– William Sturgiss, AKA Styrg

I had to forget about all of my senses except sight. When I first started I would listen to the quad and my brain would go outside the quad. I would start thinking about where I thought the quad was by using sound and that would make me crash. You need to forget about where you are and concentrate on where the quad is and that’s all visual (Your eyes) only.
– Anthony Dallalio, AKA Doc

Getting used to how responsive the controls are. Small changes on the sticks can result in quick big changes in flight direction.
– Brad Whitmore, AKA Pollo Loco

Throttle control
– John Cawley, AKA JSizzle

– Dustin Heyman, AKA Chefflyer

Flips and rolls
– Clayton Baker, AKA Pepe LePew

To ignore everything around you and concentrate on what you see in the goggles. Imagine yourself as part of the quadcopter. As soon as you do that, it will click.
– Mike Welch, AKA MikeWelchDotCom