Cincinnati Quad Racers (Tier 2) hosted its first MultiGP Regional Qualifier on Sunday, June 25th.  The weather was almost perfect, but pilots did have to contend with windy conditions throughout the day.  35 pilots attended, with many traveling more than two hours for the opportunity to compete for 6 Regional Final spots.

The MultiGP Regional Series is the largest, and mostly widely attended FPV drone racing series in the US.  76 regional qualifiers feed into 14 regional finals, which ultimately lead to Reno, Nevada for MultiGP National Championship.

The track was technical, and the fastest pilots were only able to manage five laps in the two minute heats.  Two pilots, Nomad and T3hDon, were just tenths of a second off getting six laps on a few heats.  FreeFormFPV experienced some issues with his 5″ quad in practice, and resorted to running a 3″ Japalura.

The battle for first came down to a tiebreaker between Nomad and FreeFormFPV.  Many wrote off FreeFormFPV’s 3″ from the start, but he was no more than 40ft back from Nomad until he clipped the finish gate entering the final lap.

There was also a four way tie for the 5th and 6th qualifier spots.  Gyune had a large lead over the pack, earning the 5th spot, while RoscoFPV had BackEdge and BoomerangFPV squarely on his tail.  Ultimately, BackEdge and BoomerangFPV crashed out, easing RoscoFPV’s frustration.

Pilots advancing the 3C Regional Final in Detroit:

1: Jesse “Nomad” Swinson – Milford, Ohio, US
2: Jameson “FreeFormFPV” Hutchison – Bowling Green, Kentucky, US
3: Don “T3hDon” Honaker – Lexington, Kentucky, US
4: Travis “Travisty” Miller – New Albany, Ohio, US
5: Jeeyoon “Gyune” Hyun – Columbus, Ohio, US
6: Corey “RoscoFPV” Snyder – Columbus, Ohio, US

Reserve pilots:

7: Brent “Backedge” Garringer
8: Mark “BoomerangFPV” Bryan


Thanks to Tim Creque for running a smooth race. Thanks to Clayton Baker for providing the photos.  Thanks to Adam Burns for the producing the video.