It was an awesome day with 43 pilots which is more than we have ever had before.

Thanks to Short Crayon Productions  and Winder Wonder Works Swirlie frame kit that was given as a prize

1st place in the pro class was Paul “Bulbufet” Nurkkala

2nd Place goes to Adam “HyphPV” Kobitz, I am told the color orange was somehow involved in his success

3rd place goes to Jacob “jawz” Schneider who I am pretty sure used some kind of Jedi mind trick to get passed  Nomad at the very end.


1st Place in the Novice class we had a special prize of welcome to the Pro Class for Brad “PolloLoco” Whitmore

2nd Place in the Novice class John “Knifeskillz” Franke

3rd Place in the Novice class “SpareParts” 😉


Full race results can be found on MultiGP

We want to thank everyone who came out to race or spectate for a great time. I hope you will come back and join on for race #2 Devious Disaster  on April 23rd 2017