I just want to take a minute to make all of you aware of FPV chat on Slack that some of us use.

You can join by going to http://fpv-chat.com and entering your email address to have it send you an invite, you can use it via web browser, PC client or one of the phone apps.

Slack is a popular chat program used mainly by software developers, but last year Paul Nurkkala ( Bulbufet FPV) started this slack room for people in the community to discuss all things FPV.  There are multiple chat channels there dedicated to numerous purposes like software and hardware help, 3d printing, promoting your videos, group buys, and of course a general chat for whatever is the topic at the moment. It can be a good place to get help, learn about new things or just chat about random stuff.

There are currently just over 1800 members so come join us because who can get enough talking about FPV.

Just enter your email address in the box at http://fpv-chat.com click Join

You will be sent an email with a sign up link

You should see a big Join button in that email 

This will send you to a page that looks like this

After you click next it will ask you to set a password

Enter what you want and click next, it will then give you a long list of terms you need to agree to

lastly it will ask you if you want a tutorial or just explore slack.

You can also grab the windows app here  https://slack.com/downloads/windows