If you are anything like me, you probably find times in your daily life that are mysteriously devoid of FPV content.  For me, the FPV hole was my daily commute, and the answer was FPV podcasts.

As the hobby/sport of FPV racing has matured, so has the variety of content available to us.  There are a lot of podcasts out there, but these four are my favorite.

FPV Podcast

The grand daddy of FPV podcasts, which makes total sense, given the name.  Hosts Wai Lam, a CQR regular, and Elvan “Mr. Miyagi” Wilson, recently released their 64th episode.  Several episodes have guest appearances by Cincinnati Quad Racers’ members (#29 Bennie Blankenship, #33 psycofpv and SavageFPV, #34 Samh3ll).


Quad Talk

This self-branded “FPV frat party” of podcasts is hosted by Trace “Von Quad” VanGorden and Tony “KaNoodle” Knittel Brandon “Wizwooky” Geiger.  These guys have been at it for more than a year and recently released their 70th episode.


The FPV Show

The FPV Show is a new podcast, but your will likely recognize the hosts from FPV-Chat Slack channel or YouTube.  GAPiT, Bluegrass.Multirotor and DirtDiver feed off each other like friends sharing a beer.  They only just released their 4th episode , but I am certainly looking forward to more.



I only just discovered FPVlife, but they have been around for about 9 months.  The 17th episode was just released, which incidentally, featured BorisB and Joshua Bardwell.  FPVlife is hosted by Vek, who is from Australia, which helps to get different guests than you might see on other podcasts in this list.